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Maiasaura safari pt 2: Gallimimus group by FieryCarnotaurus Maiasaura safari pt 2: Gallimimus group :iconfierycarnotaurus:FieryCarnotaurus 0 0 Blood Isle Sequel release + yet another sequel by FieryCarnotaurus Blood Isle Sequel release + yet another sequel :iconfierycarnotaurus:FieryCarnotaurus 0 2 CRP 003 - Bird From Hell by FieryCarnotaurus CRP 003 - Bird From Hell :iconfierycarnotaurus:FieryCarnotaurus 0 0 CRP 002 - Monster Canid by FieryCarnotaurus CRP 002 - Monster Canid :iconfierycarnotaurus:FieryCarnotaurus 0 0 CRP 001 - Aquapod by FieryCarnotaurus CRP 001 - Aquapod :iconfierycarnotaurus:FieryCarnotaurus 0 0 Blood isle announcement + sequel teaser by FieryCarnotaurus Blood isle announcement + sequel teaser :iconfierycarnotaurus:FieryCarnotaurus 1 0 D. Grandis exhibit by FieryCarnotaurus D. Grandis exhibit :iconfierycarnotaurus:FieryCarnotaurus 0 0 Maiasaura Safari pt 1 by FieryCarnotaurus Maiasaura Safari pt 1 :iconfierycarnotaurus:FieryCarnotaurus 0 0 Mosasaurus exhibit by FieryCarnotaurus Mosasaurus exhibit :iconfierycarnotaurus:FieryCarnotaurus 1 0 Diplocaulus exhibit by FieryCarnotaurus Diplocaulus exhibit :iconfierycarnotaurus:FieryCarnotaurus 0 0 Atractosteus africanus Tank by FieryCarnotaurus Atractosteus africanus Tank :iconfierycarnotaurus:FieryCarnotaurus 0 0 Baryonyx Enclosure by FieryCarnotaurus Baryonyx Enclosure :iconfierycarnotaurus:FieryCarnotaurus 0 0 Gorgosaurus Enclosure by FieryCarnotaurus Gorgosaurus Enclosure :iconfierycarnotaurus:FieryCarnotaurus 0 0 Spinosaurus Exhibit by FieryCarnotaurus Spinosaurus Exhibit :iconfierycarnotaurus:FieryCarnotaurus 0 0 Rhamphorhynchus Exhibit by FieryCarnotaurus Rhamphorhynchus Exhibit :iconfierycarnotaurus:FieryCarnotaurus 1 0 Thalassodromeus Exhibit by FieryCarnotaurus Thalassodromeus Exhibit :iconfierycarnotaurus:FieryCarnotaurus 1 0


Paleogaps #27- Brasilospinus  by AlphaX9 Paleogaps #27- Brasilospinus :iconalphax9:AlphaX9 12 2 Triassic Avemetatarsalia by HellraptorStudios Triassic Avemetatarsalia :iconhellraptorstudios:HellraptorStudios 303 16



Maiasaura safari pt 2: Gallimimus group
Gallimimus and the other four ornithomimids are kept here. They are fed plants and they sometimes scavenge off of the dead things. Fifty were initially bred. That number rose to seventy five. They sometimes get close to the car. This is when the driver allows the tourists to pet them. They especially like it behind the head. 
Blood Isle Sequel release + yet another sequel
Blood Isle's sequel is being released, and is meant to be the beginning of the recovery. Like here…. Now, I am working on extinction, which focuses on disease. The rivalry in that novel is rugops vs Carnotaurus
CRP 003 - Bird From Hell
This creature is derived from a raven. Duck, owl, eagle, ostrich, teratorn, phorusrhacid, hesperornis and chimpanzee DNA was added to make it an intimidating menace.
CRP 002 - Monster Canid
This species of canid was derived from a coyote. Wolf, dog, Smilodon, gorgonopsid, honey badger, human and platypus DNA was introduced to make the animal an efficient predator.
CRP 001 - Aquapod
This species has been derived from a frog. Moa, axolotl, anglerfish and some shark genes were introduced to make it even more deadly.
Dem ostrich thicc


United States
I like dinosaurs and other extinct animals. I like making up creatures due to the fact that since I made them, they are accurate.


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